What is exfoliation | Removal of dead skin cells

What is exfoliation | Removal of dead skin cells

Exfoliation is simply the term used to describe the removal of dead skin cells sitting on the skin surfaces. Do you know that your skin renews itself every 28 days?

Do you know that your skin renews itself every 28 days? We might not notice it when the process is occurring but our skin does actually renew itself every 28 days. During this process, dead skin cells are shaded away and at that time our skin becomes mildly glowy.

Exfoliating your skin will make this process faster and stronger and the results will be more visible. You can do this by using different methods of exfoliation. Before you do anything do a lot of research and if you can afford an esthetician then do visit one.

As good as exfoliation is for your skin, it can also have adverse effects if not used appropriately. Be very careful with the skin on your face as too much exfoliation can leave you with thin skin. You should also take care of your skin when going out in the sun because of its sensitivity. Do this by wearing sunscreen and other protective clothing.


This is what you need to know: There are two types of exfoliation methods.

  1. Mechanical. This method of exfoliation rubs off dead skin using scrubs, salt glow or skin brushing. The scrubs have tiny particles, like jojoba beads, apricot seeds or coffee seeds. You can also use electrical exfoliation brush to brush off dead skin.
  2. Chemical. Uses acids to loosen the glue-like substance that holds skin cells together making them easy to rub off. Chemical peels can be mild or aggressive but this depends on the concentration of the peels your using. As a newbie, I will recommend starting with a mild concentration of 8-10% and then work your way up. Before applying any peels to your skin make you read the manufacturers instructions very carefully.

Things to remember about skin exfoliation

  • Instruct yourself about exfoliation before deciding to exfoliate your skin
  • Understand your skin and do what is right for your skin
  • Mechanical exfoliation is milder than Chemical exfoliation
  • You can use exfoliating scrubs 1 or twice a day
  • Chemical peels should be performed once a week or every two weeks
  • If you do consider chemical peels, start with the lowest concentration
  • Do not wax your skin after an exfoliation
  • Wear sun protection
  • The skin on your face is delicate, so be very careful with that to avoid skin burn




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