Realising What Becomes Important As Soon As You’ve Created A Successful Career

Realising What Becomes Important As Soon As You’ve Created A Successful Career

It’s the hallmark of the modern woman, foregoing having a family so that they can get ahead in their career. But now, we’re seeing a lot of people get to the point where they have made a successful career, but it’s too late to do anything about having a family. For some, this is a conscious decision, but for others, it’s done from a position of anxiety, that fear that they can’t give up their career in case they don’t have one to go back to. If you are at the position where you have focused on your career, and you are at the point where you are unable to focus on other things in life, what becomes important at this stage?


Having A Family

Some people have worked at making a family at the same time as making their career, in which case, the act of family planning is well and truly complete, but for others, that pressure to get going before it’s too late is a very real scenario. We can feel like, after the age of 30, that we’re on borrowed time to have children. Although the reality is completely different, we can still feel that sense of pressure. So, if you are at that point where you’ve hit a comfortable position in your career, there is no time to waste.


Preparing For The Future

The great thing about hitting a successful point in your career is that you can begin to relax somewhat in the notion that you are financially comfortable. Maybe you’ve been growing a business, and you are now in a position to take a step back and let the company run itself, but for all of the late nights, early mornings, and sacrifices you have made, have you been squirrelling away enough money? Financial planning is one of those aspects that is spoken of so much, but when we are at the point where we have a disposable income, we can become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. For example, your working day may very well consist of an expensive lunch and an even more expensive evening meal. But instead, getting into the habit of putting some money away will make life easier for you and your loved ones as you get older. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan in place, should you be unable to run your business.

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Fixing Your Relationships

You’ve been busy, right? If you’ve been busy for the last 15 years, and you’ve missed important birthdays, events, and your nieces and nephews grew up amazingly quickly, you could very well feel tinged with regret. Fixing relationships, especially with family members is a long and heartbreaking journey.

If you feel that all you’ve done is focus on work, it can be very difficult to convince the people close to you that you don’t feel that way inclined anymore. Instead, it’s now about you making the effort, and extending the olive branch. Relationships can get so strained, and as time goes on, the harder it is to fix. But now is the time.


Catching Up On “Me Time”

If the last few years have gone by in a blur, and you’ve done your best to make sure everybody has received your attention, you may very well feel on the brink of burnout. Quality time to yourself isn’t just about being a little bit selfish, but it’s about restoring yourself, finding the things in life that you didn’t have the opportunity to do before because you were growing your career. Yes, people may view this as being self-centred anyway, because it was your career, but if you’re doing it for an almighty purpose, now you may very well feel that there are things you could have learned, but didn’t have the opportunity to do, as well as so many other aspects of life but you feel were hindered. But this means that quality “me time” is something that should be done now, but you can do it anytime. It depends on what your opinion of quality time is, but maybe you could undertake the Bill Gates approach and read numerous books so that you are fuelling your brain, or you could do the things that you really wanted to do, such as go on vacation.

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Learning The Act Of Complacency

Being busy is all about pushing yourself forward, but if you do this so much, you don’t even notice the present and everything around you. And so, once you hit a certain plateau in your career, you can finally take the opportunity to sit back and take stock in what you really have. Because we work so hard pushing forward to get something that we think we need, we do this to the detriment of everything and everyone around us. But instead, learning how to be relaxed in the present moment is a vital tool that we need, not just after we developed our dream career, but it’s something we can do right now.

The whole work-life balance scenario is something that comes to mind because something has to give in order to make your career a successful one. This is why you’ve got to find that balance, not just for the sake of everyone else, but for yourself. Learning complacency, and being present, is all about mindfulness, but not necessarily in that hippy-dippy way!

As soon as you’ve made a success of yourself, you can feel that you’ve hit a peak in your life, when in fact, this is actually one road that you’ve chosen to go down. Whether it’s the best one for you, it’s your decision, but when you realise you made certain sacrifices for the sake of your career, regret is such a common emotion, that attempting to fix these mistakes can be fruitless now. This is why you have to change your priorities. Yes, you made sacrifices for the sake of your career, but now you have to focus on what really is important. You believed your career to be important at the time, but now you’ve hit a point of complacency in your career, it’s time to focus on the really important issues.


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