3 Most Important Areas Experts Say You Are Neglecting During Your Beauty Routine

3 Most Important Areas Experts Say You Are Neglecting During Your Beauty Routine

When we follow our tried and tested beauty regimes, we may feel like we are paying attention to every area of our body. You may exfoliate your face, moisturise your hands and even bathe your eyes. However, there are parts of our bodies that we tend to neglect without even realising. We may think that other areas need our attention or we might simply not have the time to spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting our beauty routine. All is not lost. Take a look at these quick fixes that could see you never again neglecting those important areas that should be high up on your beauty routine agenda.


Your Smile

While you might be cleansing and toning your face, plucking your eyebrows and adding a radiant glow to your complexion, you may be bypassing the importance of your smile. Yes, you might floss and brush your teeth twice a day, but there is so much more you can be doing. If you haven’t had an oral check up for a year or more, it’s vital you book an appointment with a reputable local dentist who can give your pearly whites a professional clean. To mimic the pro, you should consider getting hold of an electric toothbrush. These are now so intuitive that they can tell you how long to clean each tooth, help you apply the perfect amount of pressure and ensure that you clean your teeth for the correct length of time. Coupled with a whitening toothpaste and you may find that you are lifting stains from your enamel and enhancing your smile.


Your Feet

If you merely wash your feet in the shower never to really look at them again, then you really are neglecting your appendages. Bathe them every so often in a foot bath, use pumice to remove hardened skin and moisturise them with a special foot cream. By doing this, you can ensure that fungal infections never occur, the less than pleasant odour that can afflict feet is kept at bay, and you have soft heels. If you wear high heeled shoes ensure you have a soft gel insert to lessen the strain on your soles and ankles and always make sure your shoes are the right size and comfortable to wear.



Soap is fine for your hands but can leave them feeling dry. If you suffer from particularly dry skin, you will probably notice this on your fingers and palms in the cooler weather. Make sure you get out into the sun when you can to get your intake of Vitamin D and ensure that you eat a diet full of omega 3 oils including food such as salmon and walnuts to aid the clear complexion of your skin. Medicated creams may help, but so will specially formulated hand creams applied twice daily. Your hands are often one of the first things people look at when they meet you for the first time, so it pays to keep them looking beautiful.


A beauty regime goes beyond the face – you need to consider every part of your body that requires specific attention. By following these simple steps, you never again have to neglect an area of your body that deserves to be part of your beauty routine.


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